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Shamanic Astrology
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Saturday, November 14th, 2009
1:33 pm
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Sunday, May 29th, 2005
9:17 pm

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Monday, January 17th, 2005
7:05 pm
SHAMANIC ASTROLOGY Friday, January 28th, 2005 from 7-9pm
Please please come to this event and/or pass it around to all your friends in case anyone is interested...I really want to make this event fun and successful for all involved!

Friday, January 28th, 2005 from 7-9pm
$20/$15 students (college, vocation or h.s.)

428 W. Turkeyfoot Lake Road
Akron, OH 44319 (aka Kruger's Plaza)
please call Patricia aka Afka for more info

Join accomplished yoga teacher, shamanic astrologer and speaker Ahlea Kadre
for an evening of exploration of our SELVES through Shamanic Astrology.

for more info about Sacred Ground go to: http://sacredgroundyoga.com
or email me at afka_love@yahoo.com

more info on shamanic astrology and ahleaCollapse )
Saturday, November 6th, 2004
1:07 pm
sat/sun by: carolyn Brent
Nov 6, Saturday.
Mercury (3 Sag) squares retrograde Uranus (3 Pisces) today. This last quarter square comes after three oppositions Mercury made to Uranus during its retrograde process this past Aug and Sep. Mercury and Uranus indicate a time for exploring and experiencing new territory in the domain of the mind, communication and visionary inspiration. Uranus often brings change in sudden and unexpected ways, breaking down the old limiting beliefs, the old assemblage point, breaking through to new perspectives, insights and understanding. Sometimes a person can get stuck in the breakdown by holding on and resisting the changes now possible thereby missing the break through. It helps to go with the flow and note the messages of change that are innovative, brilliant, cutting edge, and liberating. Also today Mars (27 Libra) squares Saturn (27 Cancer) both visible in the morning sky indicating this is a time for the “recovering hero” (as described in Jan 2004 Celestial Timings archives) to remember he does not have to prove anything to anyone, he is not obligated to heal or help anyone, or fix anything, or create the ideal peaceful world. This does not mean our “recovering hero” will not choose to be of assistance when possible. It means he does not have his identity based in achieving a certain heroic result, because he knows simply being is enough!

Nov 7, Sunday.
Depending on your time zone either late yesterday or early this morning we experienced the exact astrological cross-quarter between the September Equinox and the December Solstice is marked by the Sun reaching 15 Scorpio.
Monday, November 1st, 2004
9:52 am
had computer issue, sorry for delay~
Oct 31, Sunday.
Happy Halloween. Daylight Saving Time ends. Venus and Jupiter are now within 5 degrees of each other in Morning Sky before Sunrise. Moon is rising around 8 pm inside the Sacred Hoop, or Great Shining Circle, or winter hexagon as referred to by some astronomers. This is an important area of the sky where the five visible planets aligned with the Sun and Moon in May 2002. At that time I shared this quote from Marion Zimmer Bradley’s book The Mists Of Avalon. The words are spoken by Vivien whose is Lady of Avalon or Lady of the Lake.

“…the worlds shall once again come together,

a world with room for the Goddess and for the Christ,

the cauldron and the cross…

The circle of stars forming the Hoop symbolizes the cauldron. The cross is symbolized by the Milky Way band that intersects the track of the ecliptic meeting at the center of the Hoop. The circle or cauldron symbolizes the world of magic and alchemy. The cross represents the world of structure and form.
As suggested in the Mists of Avalon these worlds were split long ago and the world of magic withdrew into the mists, though not entirely as magic still happens in this world of third dimensional form. There is the magic of being newly in love, watching the birth of a child and/or watching a child grow and explore their world. There is unexplainable magic when the thing a person is searching for mysteriously appears in a spot they know they have thoroughly searched several times before. There is the magic of synchronicity occurring with people places and events etc. These simple forms of magic are happening more and more frequently alerting us to the fact that magic happens and we are moving beyond the accepted bounds of duality that have limited our experience through definitions of what is real or unreal, good or bad, right or wrong. This current movement beyond the dualistic good vs evil, mystic vs mechanist etc. supports the full reintegration of the world of magic back into the world of form. They are not separate, either/or. Rather both are a part of the true experience of wholeness and the opportunity to truly co-create the magical experience of living Heaven on Earth.
Thursday, October 28th, 2004
9:23 am
Thurs Fri.. Yea the cauldron closed!
Oct 28, Thursday.
Venus moves into Libra where it remains until Nov 22. This means Venus is crossing the September Equinox marker or one of the four Solar Seasonal Gates of the year initiating a deepening experience of the mysteries of conscious equal partnership, harmony and balance.

Oct 29, Friday.
The Moon in Gemini near the Pleiades this evening (11:11 pm Eastern Time and 8:11 Pacific Time) is activating the Heyokah, Coyote, Contrary, Shapeshifter, Magician who goes beyond the rules and confines of duality reminding us it is “not either/or, it is both and more” even though the appearance and experience we have of this reality is convincingly contrary to this understanding. With Moon in Gemini until the end of the month this is a great time to engage in activities that are fun, spontaneous and outside our normal routine creating the space for liberating experiences that are beyond the confines of dualistic reality. It helps us to remember things are not as real as they appear and we are all living a dream of our own creation. We can change that dream by changing our beliefs or expanding our sense of the possibilities. This is a great time to see the movie What the Bleep Do We Know? as one possible way to shift our experience of seeming reality. Of course any movie can take us into another reality. A great question to ask now is what is the reality you are choosing? And if you don’t like the reality you are living how can you now choose a different reality? (See Oct 15)
Tuesday, October 26th, 2004
8:27 am
tues wed
Oct 26, Tuesday.
The Sun (3 Scorpio) trine Uranus (3 Pisces) was exact last night or early this morning depending on your time zone. This marks the slowing of the current Uranus Retrograde cycle moving only seven minutes from now until Nov 11 when Uranus stations direct. This is a powerful time where we can more easily shift our assemblage point of reality when we are willing to let go of pre-conceived beliefs, expectations or attachments to outcome. Seeming disruptions are possible but can be especially liberating opportunities for breaking out of old limiting patterns when we are willing to surrender and embrace the emerging changes. Venus (27 Virgo) the divine feminine is sextiling Saturn (27 Cancer) who is helping to facilitate new forms of expression for the divine feminine. The old forms must be released so the new forms can emerge. Venus is also now with in 10 degrees of Jupiter in the morning sky. This is worth seeing if you are up before the Sun.

Oct 27, Wednesday.
Full Moon Taurus Total Lunar Eclipse (5 Taurus) beginning is visible in Africa, Europe, Greenland, the Arctic, North America except extreme northwest, Central America, South America, extreme western Asia, part of Queen Maud Land and the peninsula of Antarctica, the Atlantic Ocean, eastern South Pacific Ocean and western Indian Ocean. The end is visible in North America, the Arctic region, Greenland, Central America, South America, Europe, western Africa, the Antarctic peninsula, the eastern Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean according to Jim Maynard’s Celestial Guide for 2004. The eclipse reaches its center point at 8:07 pm PDT and 11:07 pm EDT. This eclipse is a North Node event further energizing humanity’s destiny with amazing aspects forming geometrical patterns such as a nearly perfect 5 pointed star that are as at least as impactful as the Nov 8, 2003 Total Lunar eclipse referred to as the Harmonic Concordance. Taking time to go within, ground and connect with this timing helps us to more consciously inform these emerging mysteries. In Shamanic Astrology we come from the perspective that we inform the mysteries as much as they inform us. In the past few weeks the themes of conscious equal partnership have been emphasized and that includes our conscious relationship with the Earth and the Sky. Eclipse info from NASA (see this months’ intro)
Sunday, October 24th, 2004
10:53 am
Upcoming Week
Week of Oct 26 – Nov 2
This week features the Taurus Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse (Oct 27 and 28) symbolizing the fulfillment, or fruition, of the seeds planted at the New Moon of some earlier cycle. The Full Moon window is three days including the day before (Oct 26) and the day after (Oct 28). In some time zones the eclipse will occur on Oct 28 extending this window to Oct 29. Eclipses accelerate growth and energy speeding up the nearly 30-day Moon cycle to about 3 hours. The annual Taurus Full Moon illuminates what we value and appreciate in ourselves and in the world. Savoring and enjoying life as a divine gift of sacred pleasure with deep gratitude is one of the remarkable expressions of the Taurus Mysteries now being accelerated by the eclipse. This completes the Eclipse Cauldron that began October 13 with the Partial Solar Eclipse in Libra. The Eclipse Cauldron is an in-between the world’s place often experienced as disorienting. Sometimes it doesn’t feel like much is happening at the time but that can be a deceiving. Often its when we look back over the months following an eclipse we get more of a sense of what was activated.
10:51 am
Moon Day
Oct 25, Monday.
The waxing, nearly Full Moon moves into Aries in the early morning hours energizing the sacred warrior archetype who is willing to stand for and fight for just causes that support the cosmic order of life. One example is the Egyptian Goddess Sekhmet who is actively committed to upholding and maintaining the law of Maat (sacred cosmic law). In some versions of Sekhmet’s story she is the daughter of Ra, the feminine eye of the Sun, sent to Earth by Ra to restore balance and order among the people. Sekhmet is derived from Sekhem, an ancient Egyptian word meaning “power or might”. Thus, Sekhmet carries the power to transform through action. Aries asks “what action are we committed to take for the purpose of upholding and protecting the cosmic order of life and bringing our dreams into reality?”

Sa Sekhem Sahu is the mantra of the Goddess Sekhmet and is chanted to balance and increase inner power. Sa (Sah) the breath of life - Sekhem (Say-Kem) the sacred might or power - Sahu (Sah-Hoo) the realized human being.
Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
12:44 am
Oct 23, Saturday.
Moon conjuncts Uranus. And Mercury squares Neptune today increasing greater possibilities for unusual communication from the Celestial Realms. Neptune operates through intuition, imagination and the ability to dream dreams that can later become reality. In this third dimensional reality Neptune Mercury contacts can be susceptible to deception and confusion in communicating with others. This timing is magnified as we have already entered the in-between the worlds window culminating tomorrow with Neptune’s station direct. This is not a time when logical rational decisions are easily available. Rather this is a time that works best when we are attuned to our intuitive inner guidance and that usually takes place beyond logical reason. However, when we are able to truly trust the inner promptings and the imaginative inspiration coming through now, it often takes us exactly where we want to be even though it may not look possible on the surface.

Oct 24, Sunday.
Neptune stations direct this morning. A planetary station either direct or retrograde is an in-between-the-worlds space where changes can be quickly and powerfully facilitated outside the rules of the current collective matrix. This often feels confusing and unsettling because it is unknown territory. It is helpful to pay close attention to your feelings and if they are irritable, out-of-sorts, uncertain, etc. then put off acting on them for the next few days. Give yourself permission to be with these feelings and let them teach you more about yourself. Releasing judgments and accepting what IS helps to facilitate the changes seeking manifestation while minimizing the drama that occurs when we resist evolutionary changes. The image of unplugging from the old matrix, with the new matrix still not yet fully in place, gives us a sense of what is happening now. We are living in-between what is old and dying and what is new and birthing and that typically feels disorienting when we are still trying to navigate by the old rules. So this is a time for radical new ways of doing things beyond rational logic that are divinely inspired from within.
Wednesday, October 20th, 2004
10:33 pm
Oct 22, Friday.
The seasonal move of the Sun into Scorpio emphasizes the part of the yearly cycle that recognizes the importance of the death mysteries. Death is a natural part of the cycle of life and yet fear of death is a common experience. Ancient practices of honoring our ancestors and those who have died reminds us of the gift death brings in supporting the continuing cycle of life. Many plants are dying now as their season is nearly complete and they are beginning to synthesize what is needed to create new seeds for the next cycle. This is a time of inner reflection and noticing what needs to die, what is ending, what do we need to release and surrender, and what is beginning, what is preparing to birth.
10:32 pm
Wed/ Thurs
Oct 20, Wednesday.
Orionid meteors at peak until Oct 22. The Capricorn First Quarter Moon (28 Capricorn) is time to take decisive action first by getting organized in thoughts, words, and deeds. What we think underlies all we create. What we invoke through our words brings our thoughts into manifestation and how we act upon our thoughts and words helps to define the form the manifestation takes. Of all the mystery schools perhaps Capricorn knows best the pathway of manifestation and bringing spirit into form.
Venus (20 Virgo) squares Pluto (20 Sagittarius) today pushing our edges and providing opportunities for us to become more than we have ever been before as described by William Irwin Thompson in his book The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light…“Edges are important because they define a limitation in order to deliver us from it. When we come to an edge we come to a frontier that tells us that we are now about to become more than we have been before. As long as one operates in the middle of things, one can never really know the nature of the medium in which one moves.”

Oct 21, Thursday.
The Moon entered Aquarius last night and conjuncts retrograde Neptune (12Aquarius27) later today illuminating the shifting inner assemblage point. If our beliefs are assembled around limited outmoded views then this can be an uncomfortable time as those beliefs are being dissolved in the approaching Still Point direct station of Neptune on Oct 24. The Still Point is a mysterious place between realities, where there is absolute stillness between moving one direction or another, between the visible and the invisible where all creation exists in an infinity point before it begins to differentiate or move into form. The Still Point exists beyond duality and it is not limited by time or space. Neptune archetypally already operates in a place of formless form also known as the “field of all possibilities” where dreams originate and ideas shapeshift in and out of our consciousness unless we are quick enough to capture them through intention and formulate them into words, and then action, thereby grounding these ideas and vision into a useful concrete expression.
Monday, October 18th, 2004
3:09 pm
Week of Oct 18 – 26.
The Capricorn First Quarter Moon window is Oct 19, 20 and 21. The waxing half full Moon represents the balance between light and dark. This is the most visible growth phase of the Moon and the best time to put our ideas and plans into action. As the week progresses, the Moon waxes or gains in light until reaching its full phase in Taurus on Oct 27 and 28 depending on your time zone.

Oct 18, Monday.
Waxing Moon in Capricorn is crossing the Galactic Plane between the constellation of the Scorpion and the Archer visible after Sunset tonight. This is the area of the sky where the Winter Solstice Sun currently rises near Galactic Center marking the Turning of the Ages. This Galactic Gateway is a portal pouring forth new creative energies into this dimensional realm and the Moon’s passage here helps to illuminate and transmit them. Working with intention and attention through visual connection is a potent way to engage co-creative magic with Great Spirit helping to inform and intend the structure and reality of the next 26,000 year cycle.

Oct 19, Tuesday.
Sun Saturn square. Saturn (26 Cancer) governs matter as it comes into form and also represents the wise and ancient ones who know the rules of how things work in third-dimensional reality. The Sun (26 Libra) brings to light any emotional stress or issues due to lingering limiting beliefs that do not ultimately support your emotional needs. In the energies of the Sun Saturn square we might ask ourselves: How does our current reality help support and respect our internal and external emotional needs for security and comfort? What are we willing to personally risk in letting go of old beliefs and ways of being that limit our experience? Patiently taking time to look carefully at our true priorities and making more conscious choices helps create new structures that support our changing needs.
Friday, October 15th, 2004
11:34 am
Sat/ Sun
Oct 16, Saturday.
The waxing crescent Moon moves into Sagittarius today and is approaching the bright red star Antares, marking the heart of the Scorpion, tonight. The Moon is setting a couple of hours after the Sun and Antares will set shortly after that. Antares is a stargate portal accessing the transformative energies of the oracle designed to expand awareness and meaning in ways that support the fulfillment of our earthly journey. The Moon is transmitting the lineage of these mysteries through the Sagittarian energies of the ever-expanding quest for truth and meaning. Visually connecting with or meditating upon the Moon and Antares provides a direct experience of these mysteries and what they mean for you personally at this time. What exactly is Truth? How has the truth been shifting and changing for you? Are you living the truth of your being more fully now than a year ago, or a few months ago, or even a few days ago? How can we compassionately live the fullness of our truth in every moment for the greatest benefit of all life?

Oct 17, Sunday.
The waxing Sagittarius Moon joins Pluto late tonight and in the early hours tomorrow morning depending on your time zone. This is another opportunity to notice any shadow issues around what we perceive and believe is the truth. The external truth is always changing as our perception changes. What we perceive as truth in the world today may not be true for us tomorrow. Looking deeply at this time provides additional support for discovering a deeper meaning in the saying “The truth shall set you free.” This brings to mind the image of the “sword of truth”. When we wield this sword with our hearts from love, integrity and pure intention, then we have a powerful tool for cutting through the illusions of truth that bind us to a limited reality.
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
2:24 pm
Oct 15, Friday .
Mercury moves into Scorpio today where it remains until Nov 4. When Mercury travels through Scorpio it is a time for answering questions about how the shamanic process of restructuring humanity’s destiny is progressing? How can we further unplug from the old paradigm or matrix? Are we willing to let go of what we know and believe is our reality? Are we willing to die to what has been so something new can birth? The first “Matrix” movie demonstrates the challenges of making the choice to unplug from the current collective fear-based reality. It requires a willingness to do the shamanic healing work of facing the fears and beliefs that keep us locked into limiting life experiences. However the movie also demonstrates the power and freedom available when we do make that choice. Another worthwhile movie What The Bleep Do We Know? also describes how making new healthier choices rewires our neural net thereby creating a new experience of reality. This movie is now being released across the nation so if you haven’t seen it yet and are up for an inspiring visual experience of how our thoughts and emotions are creating our reality this website has info regarding where the movie is now showing. http://www.whatthebleep.com/create/
2:24 pm
Blue Moon, I saw you standing Alone
Mount St. Helens in Washington is spewing ash and steam,and scientists say a bigger eruption could happen soon. This means sky watchers in western North America should be alert for blue moons in the weeks ahead. Airborne particles from volcanoes can act like a color-filter, shading the moon (or even the sun) blue. Follow the links at www.spaceweather.com for more information.
Wednesday, October 13th, 2004
2:54 pm
October 14, Thursday.

After all this time of Libran influences emphasized with a Solar Eclipse in Libra, one would hope that our significant relationships are operating at a higher level of quality and mutual respect, love and understanding. Right? Well, there’s still a lot more negotiating to do! The initial transmission just occurred yesterday so in a way we have only just begun! The Moon in Libra is conjuncting Mercury and it brings a new sense of sensitivity and intuition into the formula. Jupiter will be in Libra for quite some time and so will Mars to assist us, and the leaders of the world, to find increasingly harmonious ways to collaborate for worldwide peace on behalf of all people in all countries.
9:10 am
TO those of you who have been watching this site. As a Shamanic Astrologer, I am very interesting to see what, if any, your experiences have been in the past few days, week since we have been in such an interesting astrological position.
Also, let me know what you think of the celestial timings and if anyone ever has a question, feel free!

so enjoy todays eclipse and share !

Sunday, October 10th, 2004
7:14 pm
Mon Tues Wed. Peace
October 11, Monday.
With Jupiter, Mars, Mercury and the Sun all in Libra this might be a good time to ask what you need to do to get your needs met in any relationship of consequence before the eclipses? What is working and what needs more light? How do you create an equal balance for your spiritual life in the material world?

October 12, Tuesday.
Moon joins the Libra planetary line-up passing by Jupiter on its way to meet with Mars, the Sun (Solar Eclipse is tomorrow), and Mercury. I don’t recall such a stellium of five planets in Libra in recent times. A stellium consists of three or more planets in one sign and is considered to be an exceptionally powerful configuration in any birth chart. It always denotes a special and specific talent and skill related to the house position and sign. This is a super Libra kind of day as the Moon illuminates Jupiter’s Libran mystery school teachings for those open to expressing the intricate sensitivities, complexities and joys of balancing and deepening relationship.

October 13 Wednesday.
The Partial Solar Eclipse is visible in NE Asia, Japan, the western Pacific Ocean, the Hawaiian Islands and Western Alaska. The New Moon Solar Eclipse is at 21 Libra at 10.48pm EDT and 7:48 PDT very near the fixed blue star Spica in the hand of the Virgin Priestess. (See Oct 30) The Moon is invisible passing between the Sun and the Earth. In the darkness of the Moon, there is silence. And out of the silence, the first sound. Out of the chaos, comes light. Everything is in a state of becoming. Original energy and ideas come forth.

The second strongest aspect to the Solar Eclipse is Saturn squaring off the Sun/Moon conjunction along with Mercury. This kind of aspect could play out in the world in a serious way according to mundane astrological principles. However, from a new Millennium perspective, our intentions at the New Moon will carry an even greater emphasis and a stronger basis for which to manifest the evolution of our goals in the world. Certainly this time provokes a meaningful incentive to form our wishes and desires in a careful deliberate way. Looking to the future from the New Moon then we can anticipate a direct manifestation stemming from the consciousness work we apply today. Saturn doesn’t fool around. It is ‘the Master.’ It means what it says and it says what it means. And it will structure our reality according to our beliefs. Eclipse info from NASA

”Waste no more time talking about great souls and how they should be. Become one yourself.” Marcus Aurelius
Friday, October 8th, 2004
12:19 am
October 8, Friday.
Moon enters Leo in the early morning and forms a direct opposition to Neptune. This is a great time to imagine the loveliest Leonine blessings of abundance and prosperity to the thousands of people all around the world who are presently coping with sudden homelessness, devastation and loss due to flooding and hurricanes. Blessed be the Earth and all its travelers! We may also experience an emerging desire coming from deep within to transmute egoistic tendencies such as needing to be the center of attention; the focus now is more on personal meditation towards connecting to something mystically divine, reflecting radical self-love first through a channel of celestial love and energy.

October 9, Saturday.
The waning Leo crescent Moon can be seen 1.5 hours before sunrise on top of Regulus very near luminescent Venus at 6° Virgo. Venus rising is an experience of sheer dazzling brightness absolutely staggeringly beautiful and worth seeing this morning with the Moon and Regulus. Seize this moment, add a sense of eternal beauty to your day.

October 10, Sunday.
Before sunrise this morning a waning Balsamic Moon in Virgo is visible as a tiny crescent just to the left of Venus. And what a heavenly sight this is especially when we consider Venus is the jewel of the sky, was once known by ancient astrologers as the morning star and the evening star. This Venus Moon conjunction marks the passage of Venus as the morning star through the 4th gate into the underworld connected to the heart Chakra. In the story of Inanna this is where she releases her breastplate symbolizing all the ways she has guarded and protected her heart. At this Gate she willingly releases all the ways she no longer loves herself or her life. This is a powerful opportunity for her to truly open herself to the healing wisdom of her heart by taking time to deeply listen to her heart’s guidance. This Moon Venus conjunction is occurring 3 days before the Solar Eclipse New Moon refining the tone of this cosmic eclipse event. There is a prophetic influence at this time of the approaching dark of the Moon. Also worth noting is Regulus just below the Moon and just above Venus visible before sunrise rising around 3:30 am local time.
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